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Increased Expropriation Cost Petition


PLAINTIFF                     :


DEFENDANT                      : X Municipality

SUBJECT                        : The determined expropriation value is low

claim and litigation for excess value due to

without prejudice to our rights… .. to increase to TL

It is requested.

VALUE          :


  • According to the decision of the Municipal Council… /… /… date and… due to the reason that it will be built in… Province,… District… neighborhood,… island,… layout,… plot of our client… It was expropriated by the municipality.
  • The value of the land m2 was determined as… by the Valuation Commission and the total… expropriation value was assessed for our client's land.
  • However, the issues such as the location of the expropriated land, recent sales transactions in this region, and the increase in the value of the lands were not taken into consideration, and sufficient examinations were not made. For this reason, the appraisal of the land has to be made again in accordance with Article 2942 of the Expropriation Law No. 11.
  • The value determined by the Commission should be increased in accordance with the conditions of the day and it should be determined as… for m2.
  • Due to all these reasons, it was necessary to file this case before your court and to request a report by making an examination by the expert board.

LEGAL REASONS   : Law No. 2942, HMK and relevant legislation

EVIDENCE                   : Title deed, expropriation documents, legal and discretionary

all kinds of evidence.

PROBLEM AND CONCLUSION      : Due to the reasons explained, we request that the expropriation value determined for our client's land of … m2 be determined as …, that it be collected from the defendant together with the legal interest to be accrued from the expropriation date, and that the litigation expenses and attorney's fee be charged to the other party. …/…/…

                                                                                Plaintiff Acting

Lawyer Saim İNCEKAŞ - Adana Lawyer

About the Author: Lawyer Saim İncekaş

Saim İncekaş is a lawyer registered with Adana Bar Association. He has been working at İncekaş Law Firm, which he founded, based in Adana, since 2016. After completing his law education with a master's degree, he carried out many different studies in this field. He is an expert in areas such as family law, divorce, custody cases, children's rights, criminal cases, commercial disputes, real estate, inheritance and labor law. Saim İncekaş is actively involved not only in the Adana Bar Association, but also in associations and organizations such as the European Lawyers Association, the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and Access to the Right to a Fair Trial. In this way, it takes part in many studies aimed at increasing awareness of the universality of law and confidence in the legal system. Contact Us Now via WhatsApp for an Appointment and Preliminary Meeting

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